The Veiqia Project

The Veiqia Project is a Fijian female collective made up of artists, curators, researchers and academics based in Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand. The collective is inspired by the traditional practice of Fijian female tattooing and uses exhibitions, research findings and workshops to invite Fijian women to take a journey of artistic and cultural discovery.


The Veiqia Project was founded in 2015 as a creative research project inspired by the practice of Fijian female tattooing. Through a shared online research forum and time spent with Fijian collections at museums in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and the UK, our artists have generated an Indigenous research archive driven by personal, artistic and relational connections.

Joana Monolagi, Dulcie Stewart, Margaret Aull, and Luisa Tora looking at a liku in the Auckland Museum, 2015. Photograph by Sangeeta Singh.


Marama Dina
Campbelltown Arts Centre 

17 August – 13 October 2019

Names held in our mouths Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Auckland

8 June – 18 August 2019
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